The Amazing Glory

The Amazing Glory

Lord of bounty, offer us your courage to face life's challenges with wisdom. We ask this through Christ, our Lord the Savior. Challenges transformed through a glorious victory means dearly to us, your apostles. This triumph would be shared across all nations with dignity and humility. Celebrating your greatness would be exalted.

Christ of life, thank you for giving your life to mankind. It is our honor to prove our worth to you. May you give us resilience for us to make your sacrifice worth it.

I feel grateful for each day that you endow upon us, your highness. Thank you for another day to appreciate the beauty of your creation. The gift of life is like a diamond that will never be torn apart until the end of time. It is our duty to protect this life with all of our heart and soul.

Mankind should be thankful that we are born with a companion. We are blessed with our mother. We all start our journey with a family until such time that we make our own family. Through this process, life on earth goes on. Newborns need to cry out loud for the world to be aware of their existence. Thank you for the day that we are able to take a glimpse of the nature that you have prepared for mankind

Thank you, Oh Lord! for the family we have in each home within the world you created. We also feel blessed for the trustworthy friends we have. Thank you for the shared memories we will cherish until the end. Unforgettable memories will always remain in our hearts as we grow old together with our loved ones in a place called home where we feel safe, comfortable and secured.

I would like to personally express my heartfelt gratitude to our Lord, Jesus Christ, for the inspiration to protect my family and for the determination in guiding my friends through their journey towards success. Success comes through the help of our Christ, families and friends.

Thank you for making me realize my imperfections for it prompts me to improve the areas in my life that calls for it. I would never be who I am right if it were not for your help. And with that, I would surely assure that no matter what happens, I will always be at your side.

We ask these in Jesus Name, Amen.

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