The PMI Project Management Fact Book

The PMI Project Management Fact Book

Today I will give you e-book wonderful

Yes, this is the book that I read the title at the top of the most famous technical e-books. It contains pictures and explanations according to a series of sequential steps. I hope that you like this book will benefit you. Also I hope that does not skimp where your comments are considered a catalyst to me and  inspires me to work more. Link Download this book you find at the bottom.

Book Description:

The PMI Project Management Fact Book — Second Edition is destined to be a benchmark resource for both the project management community and those interested in learning more about the profession. High school and college students, in particular, will find it to be an invaluable overview of a career that can offer excellent salaries and challenging opportunities around the world. Here are just a few of the fascinating facts you’ll discover about the project management profession: -More than sixteen and one-half million people can’t be wrong. The Project Management Institute (PMI®) estimates that four-and-a half million people in the United States—representing about 3.3 percent of the employed U.S. workforce—may regard project management as their profession of choice. The size of the profession in the rest of the world may be more than 12 million. -Projects are big business. PMI estimates that the U.S. public and private sectors spend some US$2.3 trillion on projects every year, an amount equivalent to one-quarter of the nation’s gross domestic product. Extrapolating U.S. data, PMI estimates that the world spends nearly US$10 trillion of the world’s US$40.7 trillion gross product on projects of all kinds. -The project management profession is experiencing explosive growth. Memberhip in (PMI) has grown to more than 95,000 members. In addition, more than 46,000 individuals are now certified as Project Management Professionals (PMP®).  

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